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Some Coffees by the Roaster

Riverdale - Medium-Dark

Savorworks Coffee Roasters

Marmalade, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnut, Spices, Caramel

Medium Dark


Savorworks Coffee Roasters

Pomegranate, Berries, Dates, Chestnuts


Boss's Wife

Savorworks Coffee Roasters

Milk Chocolate, Grape, Toffee


Where we source our Coffees from?

​Hey there! We're still in talks with this roaster and this page will be up shortly. Till then, have a look at Astro Coffee Roasters to see how the end result would look!

What we believe in...
Our sole motto is to make the coffee transparent and traceable so that the person serving the coffee is aware of the person who harvested the coffee. Nothing is left to chance. It is, quite simply, a more honest way of buying coffee.
How we started...

Our love for coffees comes from its power to connect people with a shared interest and goal. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships with the fantastic people behind our products. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product; one that doesn’t only tastes good but speaks for itself in the cups of our customers. And for that reason we work with farmers who share our passion for high quality speciality coffee.

Where are we headed...

We work with farmers who share our passion for high quality speciality coffee. We soak in their experiences to understand from our farmers every step from farming, harvesting and processing of coffee cherries. Through the journeys, we foster close and lasting relationships with whom we trust will take good care of the farms and their workers.

Savorworks Coffee Roasters


We at Savorworks believe roasting is an art and we want to combine art with our passion to deliver coffee that is of highest quality. It was this passion that inspired us to get into roasting business as well.

Where you can try our coffees?

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