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Some Coffees by the Roaster


Nandan Coffee

Earthy, Anise, Grapefruit


South Special

Nandan Coffee

Bittersweet, Caramel, Earthy

Medium Dark


Nandan Coffee

Cocoa, Brown Sugar

Medium Dark

Where we source our Coffees from?

Nandan Coffee is grown and roasted on our very own Estate.The Nandanvan Estate is located at 4500ft above sea level in the lush valleys of Kodaikanal, South India. Pioneers of Biodynamic farming in India, The Nandanvan Estate was born in 1994. The estate moved on to practicing organic farming in 2004 and remains 100% organic to this day. We are entirely self sustained as all our coffee is processed using harvested rainwater. The estate is also in the heart of the Kodaikanal Wildlife sanctuary.

What we believe in...
We believe great coffee goes hand in hand with care for the environment. All of our beans are hand picked at the peak ripeness, processed using harvested rainwater & roasted fresh to order. Our beans are home grown at The Nandanvan Estate located in the heart of the Kodaikanal wildlife sanctuary in Southern India. Our Estate has been 100% organic, chemical free and self sustained since 1997.
How we started...

Our story begins with our grandparents – The visionaries behind Nandan. Hansraj and Hansa Mariwala developed Nandan with one goal – to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee with friends while protecting the environment. Keeping this in mind, our first three blends, Royale, Gold and L’lmore were developed in partnership with Coffee Connoisseur Sunalini Menon ‘Asia’s first lady of coffee’.
Today, Nandan is run by us – two sisters who endeavour to bring high quality Indian coffee to the forefront of the global coffee market.

Where are we headed...

Generations have passed but our aim still remains the same – to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee with friends while protecting the environment.

Nandan Coffee

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Nandan Coffee is a legacy coffee brand, a three-generation story. Started in the search for an exceptional, eco-friendly way to enjoy coffee, today, it is being run by the granddaughters of the founders.

Where you can try our coffees?

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