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Heirloom Blend

Halli Berri

Honey, Lemon, Almond, Sage

Medium Dark

Where we source our Coffees from?

Our great grandfather bought Kambi - Halli (Iron - Village) estate that today stands as 'House of Halli Berri'. Gifted to our father as his inheritance, we have grown up with a sense that this land will be ours forever.

What we believe in...
Sustainably farmed, handpicked and shade grown, Halli Berri is gourmet coffee at its best. Rainforest Alliance Certified, we take care of our people and our land.
Every bean is AAA graded; our brew is known for its natural honey-dew flavor that lingers on your palette.
How we started...

We have grown up living the plantation life for over six generations. Halli Berri Coffee is born from the idea of allowing people in to experience a day in the life of a coffee planter which is nothing short of extraordinary! One that will take you back to a time that you knew once was a 'quality life.'

Where are we headed...

We have been cupped and certified with 84% - 86% score and we are one of the oldest artisanal specialty family owned companies that have created and maintained our commitment to producing shade grown biodiverse coffee with conservation at our forefront.We want to educate our coffee folk as to why to pick a type of coffee that is not just organic or sustainable but one that supports biodiversity and is bird friendly.

Halli Berri

Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Halli Berri is a specialty coffee company focused at conserving the regions natural habitat & increase the awareness and support towards 'conscious coffee ' and 'responsible caffeinating' by drinking from bouitque artisinal single estates.

Where you can try our coffees?

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