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Some Coffees by the Roaster

Raisin Candy

Half Light Coffee Roasters

Grapefruit, Plums, Raisins


Sankalp Series #37

Half Light Coffee Roasters

Cantaloupe, Jasmine, Nutmeg


Sankalp Series #27

Half Light Coffee Roasters

Chardonnay Grapes, Apricot, Sugarcane


Where we source our Coffees from?

While walking through the forest at dawn, the sunrise falling on the coffee plantations felt like a new hope. The more we explored and wandered, meeting coffee farmers and producers, understanding the process in length, the more we were committed to getting that knowledge back home. Right now we work with plantations in Garo Hills,Meghalaya and Palani Hills, Tamil Nadu along with the famous MS Estate,

What we believe in...
Half Light is a New Beginning for us. We source one of the best single-origin Indian Arabica coffees. The specialty coffees are directly procured from the farmers of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We believe in starting from a great green bean that makes it a meticulous and precise process while roasting the coffee we serve, reflecting the hard work and passion the farmers put in growing each and every bean.
How we started...

The journey of coffee straight from farm to the cup has always played a special role at Half Light. We believe that starting from the green coffee lets us put more care into roasting the coffee and hence, we work with some of the finest Specialty Coffee producers for getting 100% single origin Arabicas. It’s been a rewarding experience to be able to learn from the farmers, who put immense work into the crop all year round.

Where are we headed...

Half light aims to not only serve specialty coffee but also build a warm and interactive place that stimulates relationships over a cup. And for the same reason, we have an open espresso bar, for the guests to have a theatrical experience helping them understand the brewing process. Since, Half Light is a family-run neighborhood coffee shop, the design, artwork, aesthetics, and interiors are done by the in-house team to give it a personal feel. We strive to evolve, adapt, and target the ever-improving quality in the cup.

Half Light Coffee Roasters

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Half light is a coffee company, we believe in sourcing, roasting and brewing the finest specialty Arabica in India.

Where you can try our coffees?

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