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Some Coffees by the Roaster

Gachatha – AA

Curious Life Coffee Roasters

Cane, Sweet, Floral, Berries

Medium Light

Bison House Blend

Curious Life Coffee Roasters

Berries, Chocolate, Tropical Spices

Medium Dark

Where we source our Coffees from?

We reach out to coffee farmers in various parts of the world looking for a coffee that is delicious with a wonderful balance of aromas, flavours, body and complexity. Presently we work with most passionate coffee farmers across India and Africa sourcing top class coffee directly from estates and small farmers. We work very closely with Ratnagiri coffee farm, also known as Pearl Mountain Estate. They have been a part of our coffee journey right from the start and the harvest gets better every year! We've just recently received a coffee from Gachatha, Kenya and we're really excited to work with them!

What we believe in...
A great cup of coffee is made with love, passion, dedication and hard work at every stage. From nurturing of right coffee plants under best coffee growing conditions to picking, drying, curing, roasting and brewing. We make sure that our customers always get coffee beans that are freshly roasted to perfection, retaining complexity and flavours that make every coffee unique. We develop these profiles after cupping coffees for days at various roast profiles and finally finding the right balance of aroma, brightness, flavour, body, complexity, balance and finish. We believe there is one perfect roast for every coffee.
How we started...

Neeraj was a part of the Indian army, and even though he had to retire due to a severe spinal injury, he took the work ethos, passion, integrity and quality performance and applied it to something he was equally passionate about, Coffee! After being fed up with stale, over-roasted coffee, he decided to get into roasting himself. He started roasting on a small 250 g locally made home roasting machine, and as he honed his skills, he started offering his coffee to local cafes that loved the quality. He realized that good coffee brewing culture was missing and decided to change that by introducing good quality coffee. He took a leap of faith and bought a 5 kg Ozturkbay roaster (soon followed by many more) and Curios Life Coffee Roasters was born.

Where are we headed...

We believe in educating our guests and our wholesale customers in order to achieve a broader public understanding for the amount of work that lies behind every single cup of delicious coffee. We want to elevate the coffee experience by providing perfectly roasted beans so that every cup of coffee you make is the best one you've had.

Curious Life Coffee Roasters

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The Curious Life Coffee Roasters and Cafe opened up in 2015, with the aim to improve the coffee brewing culture and do justice to good quality Coffee beans. We take care of the beans at every step of the way and you can taste it in our coffees.

Where you can try our coffees?

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