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Some Coffees by the Roaster

Ratnagiri Estate Washed

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Plum, Brown Sugar, Green Apple


August Rush

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Toasted Almond


March Mellow

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Apricot, Orange

Medium Light

Where we source our Coffees from?

Everything starts from good coffee beans and we pride ourselves in working directly with farmers to source the best Indian coffees and highlight their flavours. Right now we work with various estates from Chikmangarlur, Yercaud and Meghalaya as well.

What we believe in...
Coffee at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters endeavours to empower Indian Coffee Farmers with a no middle-men approach - sourcing directly from them. Roasting for us is Art, Science, and Craft, we keep experimenting with various new profiles and techniques every times. We are extremely Quality centric so every coffee after roasting is cupped and graded. While coffee taste is subjective, transparency is our philosophy, and we live by it.
How we started...

Corridor Seven is the vision of Mithilesh Vazalwar, the name coming from his first memory of Coffee as he sneaking off in his school Corridor’s and as the lure goes coffee was introduced to India when an old saint – Baba Budan has smuggled Seven green beans from yemen and planted them in Chikmangalur. The bustling cafe started from a 180sqft space, and we are now getting bigger and better each day. We have been sourcing, roasting, and supplying the most beautiful Indian coffees for about 3 years now.

Where are we headed...

We don't claim to be the pioneers but we certainly claim that we have done our homework, climbed our ropes with passion and all we want now is translation of passion into your coffee. Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a brand built by people, fuelled by passion and works on Quality, a good amount of Coffee and insanity.

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a concept coming out of passion, where we don't just Source great coffee and Roast it but we LIVE with it.

Where you can try our coffees?

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