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🛒 Arabica/Robusta + Chicory blend


⚖️ 3-3.5 tbsp, about 20 g

⚙️ Fine

🕒 25:00 minutes

💧 Half cup, about 125mL @ 🌡️ 90°C


☕ South Indian Filter

Recipe contributed by the amazing
🧑🏻‍💼 Zeph

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Step 1:

Start boiling water and fill the top chamber of the filter with the coffee, and lightly tamp it with the tamper.

Step 2:

Once the water is boiled, let it cool for 2 minutes so that it reached the perfect temperature.

Step 3:

Slowly pour the water into the top chamber till a mark on the upper chamber or about 2 cm from the upper edge.

Step 4:

Close the lid and wait for 20 mins for the decoction to collect in the bottom chamber.

Step 5:

Our coffee decoction is ready! Now we use this to make traditional South Indian filter coffee.

Step 6:

Take your tumbler, add as much sugar as you like along with some hot milk. Add the coffee decoction, add more for a stronger coffee.

Step 7:

Take the tumbler and the dabara and start pouring the coffee from the tumbler to the dabara and vice-versa.

Step 8:

After doing this 6-7 times, your coffee would have cooled down to drinkable temperature. Enjoy :)

Traditional filter coffee

Coffee is a beverage which many people can't survive without, may it be cold coffee or hot coffee! Filter Coffee is a very popular & traditional South Indian coffee, also commonly said as Filter Kaafi. This delicious filter coffee is served in many South Indian cafe & restaurants, because of its distinct taste & powerful aroma. Do not miss the opportunity to try this world famous coffee recipe at home!

Coffee Enthusiast's Recipe

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