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🛒 Chicory + Robusta/Arabica blend


⚖️ 30 g

⚙️ Espresso fine

🕒 10:00 minutes

💧 180mL @ 🌡️ 85°C


☕ South Indian Filter

Recipe contributed by the amazing
🧑🏻‍💼 Zeph

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Step 1:

Grind the coffee espresso fine, add it to the upper chamber and distribute it with a chopstick.

Step 2:

Boil the water to 80-85°C.

Step 3:

Start your timer and slowly pour 60 ml water and then swirl the South Indian filter and let the coffee bloom.

Step 4:

Cover the top of the apparatus to keep the heat in and let the timer reach 45 seconds.

Step 5:

Start pouring water again at the 45 second mark. Start in the middle, slowly spiralling outwards to reach a total water weight of 180 ml.

Step 6:

Gently swirl the South Indian filter again and cover it. Let it draw down for 7-10 mins.

Step 7:

The coffee decoction is ready, now you can either make traditional south indian filter coffee or go for any other kind of drink like piccolo. We'll go for the traditional version.

Step 8:

Take your tumbler, add as much sugar as you like along with some hot milk. Add the coffee decoction, add more for a stronger coffee.

Step 9:

Now comes the fun part, take the tumbler and the dabara and start pouring the coffee from the tumbler to the dabara and vice-versa.

Step 10:

After doing this 6-7 times, your coffee would have cooled down to drinkable temperature. Enjoy :)

The Ultimate South Indian Filter Coffee(Slow Espresso)

This is the first, detailed, step-by-step recipe to brew a slow espresso with the hugely underrated South Indian Filter. As always, we recommend using high-quality, specialty coffee. With this simple brewer, you will now be able to consistently make yourself a delicious cup of cafe-style coffee every single day, in your very own home!

Coffee Enthusiast's Recipe

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