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🛒 Darker coffees work better


⚖️ Till the basket is filled, about 15 g

⚙️ Coarser than Espresso

🕒 3-4:00 minutes

💧 Just under the circular nozzle, about 200mL @ 🌡️ Boiling Water°C


☕ Moka Pot

Recipe contributed by the amazing
🧑🏻‍💼 Mashex

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Step 1:

Have your coffee beans, a Moka pot, a cloth, and a serving cup ready

Step 2:

Put on your water kettle

Step 3:

Grind your beans and fill the Moka pot basket with them (don't tamp)

Step 4:

Fill up the bottom part of the Moka pot with hot water

Step 5:

Insert the full basket and screw the bottom and the top parts together

Step 6:

Immediately put on the stove (a source of heat) and brew

Step 7:

Remove from the stove once you hear bubbling and cracking noises & cool down the brewer with a cold/wet towel

Step 8:

Pour the coffee into your cup straight away

Step 9:


Better Coffee with a Moka Pot

Originally invented in Italy by Renato Bialetti, in 1933, this method the closest to an espresso beverage has been used in households worldwide. It grew in popularity especially after the WWII, with its Art-Deco design produced from a relatively cheap material, aluminium.

Why is this method, so popular on a family breakfast table, put aside by the speciality coffee scene? Moka pot is sometimes associated with a bitter taste, and perhaps dirtiness in the resulting cup, but rather than blaming it fully on the brewing device, it can be the issue of the coffee that was brewed with it.

Keeping to these simple steps will help you prepare a delicious cup with this traditional method. A coffee that you can appreciate together with the rest of your family.

*Coffee and water estimates are based on a 2 cup Bialetti Moka Express*

Coffee Enthusiast's Recipe

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