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⚖️ 15 g

⚙️ Medium

🕒 04:30 minutes

💧 225mL @ 🌡️ 98°C


☕ Aeropress

Recipe contributed by the amazing
🧑🏻‍💼 Mashex

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Step 1:

Set your aeropress in the standard position.

Step 2:

Place two rinsed filters in the Aeropress. Using the double filter reduces the amount of sediment in your coffee.

Step 3:

Quickly add 225 ml. of boiling hot water. Place a plunger on the Aeropress right after to create a vacuum.

Step 4:

At 1:00, remove plunger and gently break the crust with a spoon.... then place the plunger back on to recreate that vacuum.

Step 5:

At 4:00, begin to slowly push the plunger down.

Step 6:

Enjoy the drink!

The only AeroPress recipe you'll ever need

Is this the only AeroPress recipe you'll ever need?


Simplicity and versatility are at the forefront with this AeroPress recipe from The Coffee Compass.

This AeroPress recipe is also incredibly economic, as quoted in the original article:

"... there’s also reason to be wary of many of the more popular AeroPress recipes circulating out there. Many call for more an absurd amount of coffee, often a 10:1 ratio, or even stronger. While I’m sure that many of these recipes with the right coffee could make an interesting, even delicious cup of coffee, for people in the real world, who are using their hard-earned cash to purchase coffee, I question such an inefficient recipe. If you can make a delicious cup of coffee with 15 grams of coffee, why on earth would you waste another 5–7 grams?"

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