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🛒 Dark


⚖️ 18 g

⚙️ Medium Fine

🕒 02:00 minutes

💧 90mL @ 🌡️ 100°C


🛠 Gooseneck Kettle

☕ Aeropress

Recipe contributed by the amazing
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Step 1:

Preheat and invert your AeroPress.

Step 2:

Make sure you push the plunger in about half way (as you won't be adding too much water).

Step 3:

Add your 18g of coffee to your inverted AeroPress

Step 4:

Add 90ml of hot water.

Step 5:

Stir to make sure all your coffee is wet - be a little aggressive, you need to remove any clumps.

Step 6:

Add the lid, start your timer and wait 90 seconds.

Step 7:

After 90 seconds, flip AeroPress, give it a little swirl to make sure no grounds are stuck to the side.

Step 8:

Press slowly and gently. For this recipe, please push right through until after the hiss.

Step 9:

This should yield 65-70grams of strong coffee.

Step 10:

Top up with warm milk (steamed or frothed if you can) and enjoy!

James Hoffmann's Aeropress Espresso

James Hoffmann shares a video on scratching that itch for milk drinks at home.

This is the AeroPress recipe he used for the "espresso" component.

Use water that is pretty much right off the boil. Use a grind that is slightly coarser than espresso, but finer than drip (James describes it as between powdered sugar and salt).

It's also worth noting, for this AeroPress recipe you want to every gram of liquid, so please press right through until after the bubbling hiss.

All credit goes to James Hoffmann.

Coffee Enthusiast's Recipe

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