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Pour Over
French Press
Cold Brew
No Preference

Why does this matter?

Everyone brews their coffee a little differently. Some prefer the convenience of the french press, while others like the clean cup made by a pourover and some prefer the bittersweet taste of an espresso shot. We want to make sure we match you with coffees that’ll shine through with your brewing method.


How do you brew your Coffee?

If you don't have any equipment and are just starting out, we highly recommend you to see this page

What roast level do you generally prefer


Lighter Roasts highlight the natural flavours of the coffee, generally resulting in floral and fruity notes with a bright acidity. Well developed light roasts balance these bright flavours with a pleasant sweetness.


 Medium Roasts aim to balance the natural flavours of the coffee along with the characteristics of the roasting process. They are a tad bit more sweet with more body and a subdued acidity.


Dark roasts tend towards the warm, comforting and rich notes and most of these offer a bittersweet taste profile with a bold body. The flavours of the roasting process itself shine through the most in dark roasts.

Surprise Me!

All of us need a little adventure in our lives every now and then!

Why does this matter?

All beans are not created the same and neither are they roasted at the same parameters. Roasters have to do extensive experiments to make sure the roast level suits the coffee and helps bring out the best characteristics of the coffee. Coffees roasted at different points on the spectrum highlight different flavours and we want to make sure the coffee we find you is your cup of tea coffee. 

How do you take your coffee?

With Milk/Sugar
Whatever I feel like

Why does this matter?

On most days, we like a cup of freshly brewed pourover black coffee but we have to confess that we indulge in a cup of Cappuccino or Mocha every now and then. Everyone has their own way of drinking coffee and we want to make sure we match you with the best coffee for your preferred way!

What kind of Coffee do you like?

Warm and Comforting
Sweet and Expressive
Bright and Fruity
Unconventional and Complex
Surprise Me!

Why does this matter?

Coffees are affected by countless factors throughout their journey from a coffee cherry to a roasted bean, and all of these play a role in the final flavour that ends in your cup. Just like humans, every coffee is unique in it’s own way. We want to make sure we match you with the kind of coffee you’ll like!

How much experience do you have with coffee?


Why does this matter?

Trying to choose between the hundreds of coffees out there can be a little overwhelming, especially if you're new to specialty coffee. And even if you’re a coffee expert, it would take days to go through the ever-increasing coffees. Our coffee quiz has been created to make sure we give you the best recommendations, regardless of your coffee expertise.

Do you prefer coffee from local roasters?

I just want to drink coffee

Why does this matter?

Coffee culture is rolling over India, with roasters and cafes popping up in every city, it is the best time to be a coffee lover. We want to help you discover local roasters and cafes and expand your own personal world of coffee.

Which region do you want your coffee from?

North East
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